Mogki and Zidane in LindblumMojito:  “Why did Artemecion stop delivering mail?”

Mogsam:  “There must be a reason, kupo.”


Leave me a comment and I’ll reply, kupo!


23 thoughts on “Contact

  1. I have to say this is brilliant. I run an online text-based FF game, and some of the players and I got a real kick out of this site. I’d love to link this site on either the game’s website or our wiki.


    • Thanks so much, I’m glad you guys liked it! You’re absolutely welcome to link — more cooks in the kitchen are always welcome.

  2. This is BRILLIANT! Plain BRILLIANT! I’ve always wondered how food in the Final Fantasy world is like and this just hits the spot~ ❤

  3. I love this! The recipes I’ve tried have been a big hit with my family. I write a blog for my library, and for my next entry I wanted to write about fan culture-how liking something like Final Fantasy can encourage us to tie other skills into it, like sewing and cooking. I was wondering if I could mention/link to this site in my post?

  4. I’ve noticed a lack of recipes themed after FFXI, but there are plenty of possibilities from the list of available foods in the game. How about Meat Mithkabobs, or Fish Mithkabobs? Should be simple enough to play with!

    • I haven’t played FFXI, actually, I’m more into single-player RPGs, but it sounds like there are lots of good food ideas. Mithkabobs sound delicious. If you have a recipe, I’d totally give you a guest post! Email ffrecipes at

  5. Oh my God, it’s so BRILLIANT ! I can’t wait to try some recipes ! Especially FFVII recipes because I am a huge FFVII fan (and a FFVII roleplayer). I just have a little difficulty with the English units of measurement but with a goos converter, I can do it ! Keep continue your blog, seriously it’s awesome !

    • Thanks so much! FFVII is one of my favorites too (as you can probably tell, because I have more recipes for that game than any of the others!) Sorry about the measurements, I know having to convert everything is annoying — my recipes are very flexible, though, so if you need to change the amounts, it shouldn’t make a big difference. Have fun 🙂

  6. Hi! I absolutely love this! And I actually have a recipe or 2 that I’d be interested in submitting (or if you ever do this cooking contest again. XDD)..

    I actually measure -nothing- anymore when it comes to cooking, though, so giving measurements is a bit difficult for me….

    • I never used to measure anything either — I’ve had to get myself in the habit so I can write down my recipes. The guac recipe for instance, I used to just throw everything in! It’s interesting to fine-tune the measurements and see how much I’m really using.

      I’d love to try out your recipes!! 😀 Send ’em my way: ffrecipes at

  7. Hi there!

    My name is André and I am currently in a crunch time before the release of my German Square Enix (fan-)site The name FIDEHITO consists of my most favorite games by Square Enix FInal Fantasy, DEus Ex, HItman and TOmb Raider.

    I follow your Final Fantasy recipes and would love to feature them on my site or work together with you. I think of a little interview with you or – if you agree – feature German translations with full credits to you since there are many German fans out there who are maybe not that fluent in English.

    Would love to hear from you


  8. Just wanted to say that I love your site! I’m trying to get into cooking myself, and what could be better than following some recipes from my favorite games? 🙂

    (Also, in case you couldn’t tell by my name, FFIX is my favorite game, so the more of those recipes, the better! Haha)

    • That’s so awesome, thank you!! FFIX is my favorite game to write recipes for, because it’s so food-oriented. There are so many possibilities! I’m looking forward to my next playthrough so I can take notes 😀

    • Absolutely! You can email to ffrecipes at I’ll test it and most likely make some changes based on what I have available locally. If that’s okay with you, please send it over and let me know how you would like to be credited! 😀

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